2009    Graduate study in Ecol Design and Ecol Economics, University of Vermont Gund Institute, Burlington, VT.    

Studied Ecological Design and Living Technologies with premier professor, John Todd and Ecological Economics with Robert Costanza.

2009    Certificate Student, Yestermorrow Design/Build School , Warren, VT         

Studied Ecological Design, Permaculture farming, timber-framing

2002    Bachelor of Fine Art in 2D Design, Cum Laude, University of Louisville, Allen R. Hite Art Institute, Louisville, KY    

Concentration on photographic kinetic installation art.

2000    Undergraduate Photography Studies, New York University, New York, NY

Summer Intensive program with Mark Jenkinson, Commercial photographer

1998    Bellarmine University, Liberal Arts, Louisville, KY

Studied Sculpture with Sculptor, Bob Lockhart (a former student of Barney Bright)

1996    School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Studied in environmental science and forestry


Professional Experience

2015        Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, Louisville, KY

Drawing and carving for the annual Halloween celebration with over 5000 Pumpkins

2015         Louisville Visual Art, Picture Love, Louisville, KY

Guest photography teacher at Baxter and Southwick Community Centers teaching 10-17 year olds photography and having them take images for their family tree. I create books for all the kids and they get to have their work in a formal show this year. Show is during the 2015 Photo Biennial. Location for show is yet to be determined. Project funded by Louisville Metro Government. 



2015      Humana, 

Freelance Architectural Photography Vendor 

2014-    Amazon- represented by Nine Sixty Nine Talent

        Freelance fashion jewelry and product photographer working for Amazon 

2014      Louisville Visual Art, Tough and Universal, Louisville, KY

Photographer for a collaboration with LVA, IDEAS 40203, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and YouthBuild Louisville. Photographed Smoketown neighbors. Portraits were blown up and wheat pasted to the side of YouthBuild. 


2014         Louisville Visual Art, Living It, Louisville, KY

Photographer for LVA photographing kids fulfilling their career dreams in costume. 



2014         Louisville Visual Art, Picture Love, Louisville, KY

Guest photography teacher at the Southwick Community Center teaching 9-13 year olds photography and having them    take images for their family tree. Images will be displayed at the Metro Hall. 

2014         Louisville Visual Art, Louisville, KY

Artist-in-Residence at Mary Ryan Academy High School. We worked on collage as an art form.

2013-      plainpicture, Hamburg, Germany

        Represented by plainpicture stock agency for stock photography

2013-2015    Courier Journal, Louisville, KY

Freelance photographer

2013        Louisville Visual Art, Picture Love, Louisville, KY

Guest photography teacher at the Southwick Community Center teaching 9-13 year olds photography and having them take images for their family tree. Images will be at the Local Speed Museum for the Photo Biennial, October, 2013.

2011-      CarrieMarieB Photography                    

Fine Art, Portrait, Unions and Commissioned Photographic Works by Carrie Burr.

2011-2013    Bella Baby Photography, Louisville, KY                

Photographer contracted by Bella Baby Photography to take pictures of newborn babies, manages sales and complete orders to hospital patients.

2008-    Independent Yoga Instructor, Louisville, KY            

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga teacher working independently and in a class setting to instruct, inspire and keep clients safe in their yoga practice.

2010-2012    Green Elevated: A Design/Build Firm, Louisville, KY        

Founder of a small highly adaptive regenerative design company focused on pre-existing building stock and whole systems design. Responsibilities include grass roots marketing, design consultation, and administrative structuring.

2010-2011    Foxhollow Farm Store, Crestwood, KY                

Farm store manager, buyer and purveyor at Foxhollow Farm. Duties included sourcing local, organic and biodynamically grown alternative and additional goods for the store, implementing a MAC friendly point of sale system, managing employees, planning and carrying out marketing special events.

2009-2010    Sugarbush Resort, Warren, VT            

Snowboard instructor,

2008-2009   Yestermorrow: Design/Build School, Warren, VT    

Wholes foods cook working directly with the kitchen/garden intern to prepare healthy, homegrown meals for the students at the school. Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared on site utilizing fresh, local and organic food and catering to vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, gluten free, soy free, sugar free diets of students

2008-2010    Awaken Yoga Studio, Warren, VT                    

Yoga instructor 

2007-2010    Sugarbush Health and Racquet Club, Warren, VT            

Yoga instructor, 

2006-2007     City Yoga, West Hollywood, CA

Retail assistant manager, buyer, and receptionist

2005-2006    Lululemon Athletica, Santa Monica, CA

Keyholder, educator, and photographer

2005         Peter Kredenser, Inc, Commercial photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Photography assistant

2005         Ed Ouellette, Commercial photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Photography assistant

2005         Kim Puliti, Commercial photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Photography assistant

2005         Chad Ress. Commercial photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Photography and office assistant

2004-2008    CB Designs, Louisville, KY

Owner and designer of exclusive jewelry, photography, and art. Commissioned portraits, sculpture, and installation.

2002-2005     Murphy’s Camera, Louisville, KY

Professional camera, printer, and mac sales and tech associate. Knowledge of consumer and professional digital and film cameras. Customer support for macs, lighting systems, and digital workflow.

2003         Mary Carothers, Professor, University of Louisville, KY

Advanced video teachers assistant

2003         Mitch Eckert, professor, University of Louisville, KY

Photography 1 teachers assistant

2001-2004     Atomic Studios, Joe Humphrey, Commercial photographer, Louisville, KY

Photography assistant

2001-2004     Eyechart Studio, Scott SlusherCommercial photographer, Louisville, KY

Photography assistant

2001-2003     Marian Kleine Kohler, Portrait photographer, Louisville, KY

Photography assistant

2000-2001     Mark Jenkinson, Commercial photographer, New York, NY

Photography assistant


Awards and Highlights

2015    Hatchfund Award Recipient- Artist crowd funding grant for $14,000 for 2015 solo show

2013-15    Louisville Visual Art Association Picture Love Project- Artist/Guest Teacher with the Southwick Community Center, Louisville, KY

2010    International Slow Food and Terra Madre selected participant, Torrino, Italy

2004     Kentucky Foundation for Women, Artist Enrichment Grant recipient, Louisville, KY

2003     Kentucky Arts Council, Individual Artist Project Grant recipient, Louisville, KY

2002     Graduated Cum Laude and with Honors, University of Louisville, KY

2001    Internship with fine arts photographer, Ellen Brooks, New York, NY

2001     Internship with professional dance photographer, Lois Greenfield, New York, NY

2000-02 National Golden Key Society, Louisville, KY

1998-02 Academic Deans list, Louisville, KY

1998     Honorable mention in Bellarmine University student show, Louisville, KY


Solo Exhibitions

2015     PUBLIC Gallery, Louisville, KY
        The Context of Unraveling (continued)                                               solo

2014     Huletts Landing Library, Huletts Landing, NY Lake George 

        The Lake                                                                                               solo

2007     North Hayworth, West Hollywood , CA

jewelry & print show                                                                          solo/private

2003     Artswatch, Louisville, KY

redheartschikenparts                                                                        solo


Group Exhibitions

2017           1619 Flux Louisville, KY                                                            group

           Meet your Neighbors: Feminist and LGBTQ Perspectives

2017            Hite Art Institute, Covi Gallery, U of L, Louisville, KY              group

           Objects and Others: Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality 

2017            Lola and Play Louisville-, Louisville, KY                                  group

           Rainbows and Roses: A Soiree Supporting the LGBTQ Community Center

          Curated by Jessica Oberdick

2017            Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY                                      group

          Demographically Speaking: A Figurative Exhibition-

          Curated by The Carnegie Centers Curator, Daniel Pflazfraf. 

2016            Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY                                   group

         Artist: Body- Curated by international curator, Julien Robson.

         Some artist included are Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Sam Taylor Wood,

         Hannah Wilke John Coplans and Francesca Woodman.

2016            Louisville Metro Hall, Louisville, KY                                    collaborative

         Picture Love-

         Southwick and Baxter Community center project with LVA

2015     PYRO Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                         group

Member Invitational

2015     Carnegie Center for Art and History, New Albany, IN                group

        Photography Since the Millenium, Curated by CJ Pressma 

2015     PYRO Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                          collaborative

        Double Vision, Collaboration with poet, John James 

2014     PYRO Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                          group

Esthesia-to see the world afresh, New Members show with Wendi Smith and Paula Keppie 

2014    PUBLIC Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                        group

Artebella Invitational

2014    PYRO Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                            group

        Members Gallery Show

2013     Louisville Metro Hall, Louisville, KY                                              collaborative

        Picture Love, Southwick and Baxter Community Center Project with LVA

2014    JCC Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                               group

        10 Year Anniversary Show

2014    PYRO Gallery, Louisville, KY                                                            group

        10 Year Anniversary Show

2013     Local Speed Gallery, Photo Biennial, Louisville, KY                  collaborative

        Picture Love, Southwick Community Center Project with LVA

2013    Louisville Visual Art's PUBLIC Gallery, Louisville, KY                 group


2012    Allen R. Hite Art Institute, Louisville, KY                                        group

Making It: Now 

2008     Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Warren, VT                      group

Holiday Show                         

2008     The Starving Artist, Waitsfield, VT

Jewelry trunk show with Charlotte Potter                                        group

2007     Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Warren, VT

Holiday Show                                                                                          group

2005     Frazier Arms Museum, Louisville, KY 

Celebrating Women                                                                              group

2005     Belknap Covi and Gallery X, University of Louisville, KY           

Emerging Artist: Hite Student Show                                                   group

2004     Artbeat Gallery, Louisville, KY 

Photography Annual                                                                               group

2003     Louisville Visual Art, Louisville Water Tower, Louisville, KY

Echo Vacuum: Pushing the Box                                                            collaborative

2003     Devine Gallery, Louisville, KY 

don't eat the cherries                                                                              group

2003     Kentucky Center for the Arts, Homeless Benefit Ball, Louisville, KY

Echo Vacuum: wecouldgocamping                                                     collaborative

2003     953 Warehouse, Louisville, KY

953 is dead                                                                                                  group

2003     Theriman Building, Louisville, KY    

Echo Vacuum: C                                                                                         collaborative

2002     Louisville Slugger Field, Homeless Benefit Ball, Louisville, KY    

Echo Vacuum: Stoil                                                                                    collaborative

2002     Lava House, Louisville, KY 

Leak                                                                                                               collaborative

2002     Hidden Hill Arboretum, Utica, IN

group show                                                                                                  group

2002     Student Art League Gallery, University of Louisville, KY

Echo Vacuum: Yolks in the Sink                                                               collaborative

2002     Actors Theater of Louisville, Humana Festival Show, Louisville, KY

Play                                                                                                                group

2001     Belknap Covi Gallery, University of Louisville, KY

BFA Exhibition                                                                                              group

2001     953 Warehouse, Louisville, KY

U.P.C. Underground Photography Collective                                        group

2001     Student Art League Gallery, University of Louisville, KY

        Toy Camera Show                                                                                         group 

2001     Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, KY

        Chairs                                                                                                               collaboration

2001     Student Art League Gallery, University of Louisville, KY

        Juried Exhibition                                                                                            group

(by Julian Robson Curator ofContemporary Art at the Speed Art Museum)        

2000     American Standard Toilet Factory, Louisville, KY

        Student Exhibition                                                                                          group

1999     Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN 

         Student Art Exchange                                                                                   group

1998     Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY

        Annual Student Show                                                                                    group



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Tyler & Max del Vento, NY                                                                                                                                                                               Larry Shapin and LaDonna Nichols, Louisville, KY                                                                                                                                                 Craig Clark, Louisville, KY
Benton Keith, Louisville, KY
Dennis Hook, Louisville, KY                                                                                                                                                                                       Kathy Price, Louisville, KY
Laura Echen, Louisville, KY
Jackie Palleson, Louisville, KY
Gene and Mary Ann Lutz, Wilton, CT                                                                                                                                                                   Peter and Sue Hoffman, Clifton Park, NY 


Professional Organizations

2012-Present    Louisville Visual Art Association Member, Louisville, KY



2013    Alaska and Vancouver B.C.-Personal Exploration

2013    Dordogne, Nice, France- Personal Exploration

2010    Milan, Torino and Cinque Terra, Italy- Selected and received travel scholarship to participate in the International Slow Food and Terra Madre World Conference

2002     China, Pre Yangtze Dam- Personal Exploration

2000     Paris, France- Personal Exploration

1999     South Africa and Madagascar- University of Vermont and Mary Washington College travel abroad demographic studies. Travel coincided with the second post apartheid elections

1998     England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales- Art Exploration with Sculptor, Bob Lockhart

1995     Greece with Kentucky Institute of International Studies


Additional Education

2009    Anusara Level II Teacher Training, Yogaphoria, New Hope, PA

2006     Anusara Level I Teacher Training, City Yoga, West Hollywood, CA

2006     Anusara Yoga Therapeutics with Naime Jezzeny, Mission Street Yoga, Pasadena, CA

2006     Anusara immersion I with Anthony Benanati and Camilla Bergstrom, City Yoga, West Hollywood, CA

2005     Thai Yoga Massage Training Certificate, City Yoga, West Hollywood, CA

2005     Rasa Vinyasa Teacher's Intensive with Shiva Rea, Exhale Sacred Movement, Venice, C 


Gallery Representation

2013-2015    Pyro Gallery, Louisville, KY



Jackie Palleson -            LVA director of Education and Outreach 

Sarah Katherine Davis -         Education Program Manager   

Beverly Glascock -         Artist, Peer and retired Lawyer    

Curtis Hustace -            Product Photographer, Amazon      

Leigh Clark -             Friend and Personal Trainer