Carrie Burr graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in 2D Design in 2002 from the University of Louisville. Her concentration was photography and installation. After graduation Carrie exhibited her artwork and received grants from the Kentucky Arts Council and the Kentucky Foundation for Woman. She worked in New York and Los Angeles and later started her education of Yogic philosophy. Subsequently, she attended Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont and studied holistic living and building. This lead her studies back to the University of Vermont where she began her college career. There she studied Ecological Economics with Robert Costanza and Ecological Design with John Todd.  Currently, Carrie is working as a photographer and visual artist

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From the LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer)


‘Context of Unraveling (continued)’ by Carrie Burr



The Louisville Photo Biennial continues with local photographer Carrie Burr’s solo show “Context of Unraveling (continued).” Across fantastically large photographs, Burr invites the viewer into serene environments that convey a sense of narrative. It’s over blankets of white that you will find closeness with skin, fur and natural elements that normally would be out of place in such a crisp environment, but here they are supposed to be questioned and evaluated. To me, it’s evident that Burr’s work has a kinship with the films of Stanley Kubrick. They share many of the same design elements that make the viewer question what is going on outside the frame and to really evaluate what Burr has chosen for us to see.


C arrie Marie Burr

Carrie Marie Burr